Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big ol' art trade with my friend, the amazing Piti Yindee!

I'm a big fan of Piti Yindee's adorable comic Wuffle The Big Nice Wolf, it's both super charming and very funny!  So it was my humblest honor to trade with him!

Piti wanted Wuffle to visit Rab's world for my end of the trade.  However Rab's world is quite different than Gingerbread Village, as it is filled with bottomless pits, gigantic cliffs, and deep, dark, scary, twisted forests.   The chances of finding your way out of one of these forests are pretty slim, as you'll probably wander forever, or get eaten by whatever lurks in the shadows.

Let's hope Rab finds Wuffle and leads him out!

Digital, 2014

Random Character Designs

I decided to take advantage of my little random bursts of free time to start designing random characters again! I also felt like doing stuff on paper again!

MAN did it feel good to draw these! My scanner was too small so please excuse the crappy shadow ^^;

Prismacolor Marker, Pencil.  2014

Pup Stroll

Felt like finishing an old practice walk cycle!

Flash CS5, 2014