Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Receipt Doodles

I work the late shift at my current job as a parking attendant, which usually entails long hours of stamping and selling tickets to snooty tourists in Mercedes-Benz's and handling a LOT of cash. But there are always the days where there wasn't much going on, and things get extremely boring. Before I got comfortable with the job and earned the trust of my superiors, I used to alleviate this boredom by doodling on the backs of old receipts that would pile up in my wallet. There would always be a BIC pen laying around, and I enjoy sketching in BIC pen anyway. Most of these are just ideas I had at the time or just lovingly rendered fan art. Not sure if there are anymore to come, because lately I've just been toting along my bulky hard-bound sketchbook to work on my animation thesis stuff(i.e. concept art, breakdown drawings, thumbnails, ideas, etc)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pancake Flip Pencil Test

This was the first thing my 3rd year animation professor Howard Beckerman assigned to us. The objective was simple, make a believable scenario of a pancake being flipped with a spatula. He didn't even want us to test it, so I chipped away at it on my lightbox at home. I tested it when I got back to the studio, and didn't do a thing to it, I was pretty proud of the result!

Monday, May 9, 2011

3rd Year Lipsync Excersise

This is a lipsync excersise I did for my 3rd year animation workshop class. The track itself is old and kind of hard to hear, I'm not sure where it's from or how old it actually is, but the words are "Well he threw down his papers and walked right out of the room!" My teacher Howard has been using this audio track for the past few years for his 3rd year class, and he wanted us to go all out with it. So this was an opportunity to put my hammy acting to the test.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter Hand Off Pencil Test!

One of my second semester animation assignments, which is two characters interacting with each other, in this case it's a letter being handed off from one character to the other. The character on the right is a little dejected, so the character on the left pulls out a surprise to help him feel better!