Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Receipt Doodles

I work the late shift at my current job as a parking attendant, which usually entails long hours of stamping and selling tickets to snooty tourists in Mercedes-Benz's and handling a LOT of cash. But there are always the days where there wasn't much going on, and things get extremely boring. Before I got comfortable with the job and earned the trust of my superiors, I used to alleviate this boredom by doodling on the backs of old receipts that would pile up in my wallet. There would always be a BIC pen laying around, and I enjoy sketching in BIC pen anyway. Most of these are just ideas I had at the time or just lovingly rendered fan art. Not sure if there are anymore to come, because lately I've just been toting along my bulky hard-bound sketchbook to work on my animation thesis stuff(i.e. concept art, breakdown drawings, thumbnails, ideas, etc)

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